irARM MINI 320-09 Clip-on

Discover the power of irARM Mini 320-09 Clip-on Scope. Compact design, exceptional performance.



Introducing the irARM Mini 320-09 Clip-on, a compact and versatile thermal imaging device that excels in professional applications. With a 320 × 240 12µm detector type, this scope delivers impressive thermal imaging capabilities.

The irARM Mini 320-09 Clip-on features a 9.1 mm lens system with a 1.0× optical magnification and offers continuous 1× to 4× digital zoom, providing clear and adaptable thermal imaging. It includes digital enhancement and colorization for improved image clarity in various conditions.

Boasting an Eye Relief of 20 mm and a Field of View measuring 24.18° (H) × 18.13° (V), it offers a comfortable and expansive viewing experience. This compact unit can store up to 1,000 images and 1.5 hours of video, making it suitable for professionals on the move. The package includes a monocular, 2x CR123A batteries, a cloth, and a durable case. Weighing just 235 grams and measuring 114 × 63 × 70 mm (4.5 × 2.5 × 2.75 in), it’s designed for portability.

Connectivity options include Bluetooth 4.3 and optional Wi-Fi, with support for USB accessories like a CMOS camera or rangefinder. The Quad-VGA (1280 × 960) display with active on-screen graphics operates at a responsive 60 Hz refresh rate.

The irARM Mini 320-09 Clip-on offers versatility with options such as an external battery, USB video streaming, Wi-Fi video streaming, graphic shot counter, graphic compass, on-screen controls, application controls, and guided reticles. Backed by a 2-year warranty, it’s the ideal choice for professionals seeking compact yet powerful thermal imaging technology.

Additional information

Detector Type

320 × 240 12um

Eye Relief

20 mm

FoV [H x V]

24.18° (H) × 18.13° (V)


Up to 1,000 images and 1.5 hours of video


Monocular, 2хCR123A Battery, Cloth, Case


114 × 63 × 70 mm (4.5 × 2.5 × 2.75 in)


235 grams


2 years


Lens System: 9.1 mm; F/1.0

Optical Mag: 1.0×

Digital Zoom: 1× – 4× continuous

Image Processing: Digital Enhancements and colorization

Eyepiecet:  Collimated clipon


Battery Life: Up to 4h at 20°C

Battery type: Two CR123A or one 18650 Lithium

Wireless: Bluetooth 4.3, Wi-Fi (option)

Display: Quad-VGA (1280 × 960)

Graphics: Active on screen Graphics

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

USB accessories: CMOS camera, Rangefinder


  • External battery
  • USB video stream
  • Wi-Fi video stream
  • Graphic Shot Counter
  • Graphic Compass
  • On screen controls
  • Application Controls
  • Guided reticles


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