irARM ThruVision 640-19 Kit

Discover a new dimension of precision with the irARM ThruVision 640-19 Kit. Versatility and performance, now in your hands.



Introducing the irARM ThruVision 640-19 Kit, a versatile and powerful thermal imaging solution that redefines precision and performance. This compact yet robust thermal core is engineered to excel in a wide range of imaging applications, offering unparalleled adaptability and innovation.

Measuring just 21 × 21 × 43 mm and weighing a mere 47 grams, the ThruVision 640-19 Kit combines compact design with lightweight construction, ensuring effortless integration and enhanced portability for professionals on the move.

With an impressive 640 x 320 pixel array format and a pixel pitch of 12µm, this thermal core delivers exceptional image clarity and accuracy. The LWIR spectral range (8 µm – 14 µm) guarantees reliable thermal imaging performance across a broad temperature spectrum.

Featuring a 19mm objective lens, this kit provides a focused field of view (FoV) measuring 23.16° (H) × 17.37° (V), enabling precise targeting of specific thermal details. The adjustable image orientation and an impressive 1x to 8x digital zoom offer flexibility in capturing critical thermal data.

One of the standout features is the built-in shutter with FFC (Flat Field Correction) and non-uniformity correction, ensuring consistently sharp and precise images regardless of environmental conditions. Additionally, each frame includes a full overlay, providing essential information for enhanced situational awareness.

For seamless control and connectivity, the ThruVision 640-19 Kit offers multiple channels, including UART and USB for control, I2C and SDIO for peripheral devices, and analog or CMOS for video output. Whether you require integration into an existing system or standalone operation, this kit offers adaptability and convenience.

With an input voltage of 3.3 VDC and a rapid frame rate of up to 60 Hz, this thermal core delivers the power and speed necessary for demanding thermal imaging tasks. Its reliable performance within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and storage capabilities from -50°C to 105°C make it suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

Elevate your thermal imaging capabilities with the irARM ThruVision 640-19 Kit. Precision, versatility, and innovation converge in this exceptional thermal core, making it the ideal choice for professionals seeking top-tier thermal imaging technology.

Additional information

Pixel Pitch

12 µm


21 × 21 × 43 mm


47 gr.

Objective lens


FoV [H x V]

23.16° (H) × 17.37° (V)

Array format

640 x 320

Spectral Range:

LWIR 8 µm – 14 µm

Digital Zoom

1× – 8×

Frame Rate

Up to 60 Hz

Output Video Resolution


Image Orientation


Non-Uniformity Correction

Built in shutter with FFC

Symbol overlay

Full overlay each frame

Control Channels


Peripheral Channels


Video Channels

Analog or CMOS

Operating Temp. Range

-40°C to +85°C

Storage Temp. Range

-50°C to 105°C

Input Voltage

3.3 VDC


Control Channels: UART or USB

Peripheral Channels: I2C, SDIO

Video Channels: Analog or CMOS

Input Voltage: 3.3 VDC


Operating Temp. Range: -40°C to +85°C

Storage Temp. Range: -50°C to 105°C



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