The Advantages of Using Thermal Scopes for Hunting and Wildlife Observation

hunting deer in forest at night using thermal scope

Gain the Upper Hand in Hunting and Wildlife Observation with irARM™ Thermal Scopes Hunting and wildlife observation are activities that require patience, skill, and the right equipment. At irARM™, we specialize in providing high-quality thermal scopes that give you the advantage you need to succeed in these outdoor pursuits. Thermal scopes are the best option […]

How Thermal Scopes Work: A Comprehensive Guide to Infrared Imaging Technology

Night Vision vs Thermal Optics 1630x750 848x424 1

Understanding How Thermal Scopes Work with irARM™ When it comes to thermal imaging technology, the ability to detect heat signatures can make all the difference in the world. Whether it’s for hunting, surveillance, or even home inspection, thermal scopes are an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike. At irARM™, we specialize in producing high-quality […]

The Future of Thermal Scopes: Emerging Technologies and Applications for Night Vision

facilities management thermal imaging

The Future of Thermal Scopes: An Insight into Emerging Technologies and Applications for Night Vision Thermal scopes have revolutionized the way hunters and wildlife enthusiasts operate in low light conditions, providing them with the ability to detect heat signatures and see through foliage. However, the field of thermal imaging technology is rapidly evolving, and new […]

irARM develops new 12um all in one thermal core

irARM ThruVision 320

Cutting Edge Extremely small size microbolometer integrated system sensitive to LongWave Infrared Radiation (8 to 14 µm). Fully digital video processing representing superior image quality. It’s smart nature determines capability of interconnection with various type of devices  providing multiple standard interfaces. Build in Image processing Lightweight and Size With a weight as low as 7.5 […]

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