irARM develops new 12um all in one thermal core

Ivaylo Stoyanov
Ivaylo Stoyanov

PhD in Optics, is an expert in the field of gun scopes and thermal optics with years of experience and numerous publications in academic journals.

Cutting Edge

Extremely small size microbolometer integrated system sensitive to LongWave Infrared Radiation (8 to 14 µm). Fully digital video processing representing superior image quality. It’s smart nature determines capability of interconnection with various type of devices  providing multiple standard interfaces.

Build in Image processing

  • Automatic AGC – histogram based AGC equalizing the image dynamic range without bleaching or fading objects.
  • Automatic FFC – build in shutter enables deep flat field correction that may be secured by time or performance
  • Auto Colorization – the auto pallet colorization is based on 256 color LUT and grayscale based on our exceptional 14 bit image dynamic range
  • Image stabilization – image stabilization based on selected frame rate can be enabled to minimize the effect of shaking
  • Digital Image enhancement – number of digital image enhancements are implemented as gain, gamma, medium and mean filtering, etc.

Lightweight and Size

With a weight as low as 7.5 g and a camera body as small as 21 x 21 x 19 mm, the ThruVision 320 represents an industry-leading reduction in space with no reduction in performance. Advanced embedded processing and video analytics, as well as software-customizable functionality, give this small camera big capabilities, including integration with auxiliary sensors such as third-party cameras, GPS, and IMU

Storage, Recording and Streaming

Onboard image capturing and recording is available on external memory. Continues streaming at 30 FPS over SDIO for Wi-Fi and over USB is built in the core. API available for control of the filing system and image manipulation.

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